Light Rail

Keolis is the world’s largest tram operator, and we deliver light rail solutions right here in the UK.

KeolisAmey Docklands became the operator of the Docklands Light Railway network in London in 2014 under a seven year franchise agreement. KeolisAmey Docklands, a joint venture formed between Keolis and Amey, was awarded the light rail franchise to operate and maintain the DLR until 2021.

The franchise focuses on boosting services and on implementing a series of service improvements to make journeys better for passengers.

In 2017, KeolisAmey, the joint venture between Keolis and UK services provider Amey, won the contract to operate Greater Manchester’s Metrolink tram network. With 96km of track and seven lines serving 93 stations, Metrolink is currently the largest tram system in the United Kingdom.

Key features of the contract include a major focus on improving operational reliability, customer service and security with an increased staff presence on the network – particularly in the evening and at weekends.

We are also a part of the Tramlink consortium that helps to deliver one of the UK’s leading light rail systems in Nottingham.

Drawing upon our extensive international experience, we have helped to continually deliver improvements to this award winning service.

We advised on the network’s expansion project in its design and implementation ahead of its completion in August 2015, which has added two new lines to the service.

Inter-modality is a defining feature of our approach to delivering passenger services, and we have worked closely with local bus and train operators to help create an integrated transport hub at Nottingham railway station.

We have also helped to deliver a number of service improvements in Nottingham by increasing the number of trams operating per hour from six up to eight, through innovative changes to track layout, tram reliability and maintenance infrastructure.